Website development

AERU can call on many years experience in the development of websites for external clients, together with the expertise in the agricultural and environmental sectors to provide bespoke knowledge transfer systems for the industry. In this we utilise the content management systems provided by our partners TLR Ltd., and the considerable knowledge resource provided by the ADLib (Agriculatural Document Library) system, to provide a core information resource, which can be combined with dfocuments, tools and other value adding systems to rpovide a unique service. The AERU/TLR system is tried and tested, and fully setup to handle bulk subscriptions (e.g. for an organisation on behalf of it's members), and indiviual on-line subscriptions. For further information and to discuss your needs, please contact the AERU team.

Further information on these and other resources can be obtained from our Projects section, or by contacting us at

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