Data services

The availability of reliable, up to date data is essential for both the research community and the agricultural and horticultural industries, if sound operational decisions are to be made. Through our work in the agri-environment sector, AERU has collated, reviewed and stored an extensive data resource relating to a number of key fields, including pesticide properties (environmental fate, ecotoxicology, and health and safety) and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

AERU are committed to ensuring that suitable data is made available to all those who need it to further the sustainability of the sector, and have developed a number of free (online) and subscription (off line) data provision services. Chief amongst these is:

The team also hold additional data available for purchase, relating to several chemical properties, including:

  • Soil degradation: The more detailed data covers DT50 by soil type, pH and organic carbon for both lab and field studies (where such data is available).
  • Soil adsorption: The more detailed data includes Koc/Kfoc plus related parameters, by soil type (sand/silt/clay distribution as well as structure type), pH and organic carbon content.
  • Plant matrix degradation: The more detailed data includes DT50 by crop/plant/tree type and matrix (fruit, leaves, foliage, rind, peel, tuber, etc.).

This data has been used to support third party services, including the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD).

In addition, the AERU team are experts in collating and reviewing data, and have carried out a number of projects for major European bodies, including:

Further information on this and our other resources can be obtained by contacting us at

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