Case studies

Policy formulation and evaluation

  • Effective approaches to environmental labelling of food products: This Defra funded research project will explore the practicality and effectiveness of environmental labelling of food as a mechanism to promote behavioural change in order to reduce the negative environmental impacts of food production and consumption.
  • Priorities for the environmental protection of soil: Insufficient understanding and uncertainty surrounding the way soils perform their functions, and the processes that govern their formation and maintenance, means it is difficult to define what exactly we are trying to protect. This project developed a methodology that provides a risk-based approach for prioritising current and possible future issues for soil protection at a variety of scales (in England and Wales).
  • Development of an environmental banding for the government's proposed pesticide tax: AERU were involved in a project to design a pesticide tax / charging scheme for the UK. Specifically AERU developed a system that would band pesticides according to their potential environmental impact. This banding could then be used to set different levels of tax / charge, with the aim of setting a higher level for more environmentally damaging pesticides so as to discourage their use. Although this tax is yet to be implemented, government maintains its right to do so, if other means of addressing pollution issues are not deemed to be successful.

Policy impact assessment

Full details of these and other relevant projects can be found in our Projects section.

University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire, 2014.