Establishing a field-based evidence base for the impact of agri-environment options on soil carbon and climate change mitigation

AERU have been contracted by Natural England to update the findings of previous work which examined the climate change mitigation effects (through emission reduction and carbon sequestration) of the former Environmental Stewardship scheme (2005-2014), in the context of the Countryside Stewardship scheme launched in 2015. Initially this work will focus on a desk-based study intended to update the calculations which underpinned the earlier work, using both the latest scientific understanding and updated scenarios which encompass the options now available, so as to calculate revised emission figures for the Countryside Stewardship scheme as a whole, and the individual options within it. Subsequently, this work will then be ‘ground-truthed’, using the analysis of samples taken in the field to determine any deviation from the results forecast by the previous studies, and to further refine the models to be used going into the future.


Dr Doug Warner



University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire, 2017.