QuESSA: Quantification of Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Agriculture

The work carried out for this project built on that done in 2015 to develop a software application for the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) known as the Ecological Focus Areas (EFA) Calculator, and was undertaken by AERU in collaboration with the team responsible for the QuESSA (Quantification of Ecosystem Services for Sustainable Agriculture) project. This latter project was intended to quantify the contribution of key semi-natural habitats in providing essential ecological services across a range of economically important cropping systems, farming intensities and four European agro-climatic zones, and one aim of the project was to develop a tool to deliver the outputs from the project on farms. Consequently there was a clear overlap between the outputs of the QuESSA project and the tool already developed by AERU for the Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) Calculator, such that it made sense to utilise the EFA Calculator as a delivery vehicle for the QuESSA outputs. This project explored, developed and implemented options to achieve this, and adapted the existing EFA Calculator to include the QuESSA outputs, resulting in a single consistent tool. The aim of the project was to provide a software tool that delivers the outputs from the QuESSA project on farms in a format that would facilitate the enhancement and exploitation of semi-natural habitats for their ecosystem services provision.


Dr. John Tzilivakis


Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) Calculator


Joint Research Centre (JRC)


University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire, 2017.