The Defra/Business Link Online Farming Service

The The Defra/Business Link Online Farming Service is a Defra initiative that aims to lighten the regulatory burden on farmers, reduce the number of duplicate requests for information, and offer innovative and efficient ways of working online.

It includes a number of online self-assessment tools that aim to help farmers comply with a broad range of legislative requirements and to improve their farm practices. These tools make reference to key industry documents, codes of practice and legislation. Therefore to make the tools more useful to farmers the ADLib resource is used to link a broad range of documents into the Defra tools. This means that as farmers work their way through the various modules they have access to relevant documents and information. This is not simply a case of linking to individual documents, in many instances there are 'deep links' to specific pages or paragraphs that are relevant to the issue being considered by the farmer at the time. This results in a very powerful means of signposting farmers to the most relevant information they need to run their business.

ADLib is also being used to provide guidance documents within the Business Link Farming Guides. This provides a simple way to access all the guidance and documents that are linked into the Defra tools.


Dr John Tzilivakis



University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire, 2017.