Dr Alun Stedman BSc PGDip PhD


Dr Alun Stedman is a private consultant and an associate of the University of Hertfordshire will a strong background in animal nutrition. Alun has a PhD in Protein metabolism in Ruminants and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Animal nutrition. He began his career at Spiller’s Ltd (a feed and pet food manufacturer) where he was responsible for metabolism trials and feed formulation for poultry. Most of this work involved trials using different growth promoters and enzyme additives. Alun subsequently moved to take up a lecturership post at the Royal Veterinary College where he has taught animal nutrition and husbandry at post-graduate level for many years. He has also undertaken a number of research activities related to feed and nutrition for horses, small ruminants and poultry, on the environmental and animal health implications of heavy metals, particularly from sewage sludge, entering the food chain and on the safety of animal feed.

Recent publications

  • Dutton, E., Baines, S. J. and Stedman, A. (2009). Prevalence of Chlamydophila psittaci positive cloacal PCR tests in wild avian casualty cases, The Veterinary Record, 164:16-17.
  • Smith, M., Goodrum, L., Chinneck, N. and Stedman, A. (2008). The importance of hive health in agriculture from a veterinary perspective. UK Vet., 13:65-69.
  • Stedman, J.A., Pittam, S. and Hill, R. (1983). Ovulation in ewe lambs given a diet containing high glucosinolate rapeseed meal, 6. Congres International sur le Colza, Paris (France), 17-19 May 1983.

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