Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

An environmental impact assessment (EIA) is an assessment of the impact or potential impact (positive or negative) that an activity or project has or may have on the environment. The purpose is to provide in as far as possible an impartial view of the overall impact in what may be a very complex system involving both damages and benefits to the environment, many of which interact with each other. Having done so, it provides the basis on which to make sound management or policy decisions. The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) defines an environmental impact assessment as "the process of identifying, predicting, evaluating and mitigating the biophysical, social, and other relevant effects of development proposals prior to major decisions being taken and commitments made."

AERU has used this approach to provide regulators (in particular) with the information they need in their decision making processes, and relevant projects include:

Information on these and other relevant projects can be found on our Projects page.

University of Hertfordshire
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