Determination of the key parameters influencing dislodgeable foliar pesticide residues

An exciting and unique opportunity for a PhD is now open for applications. The successful candidate will seek to better understand the factors that affect pesticide Dislodgeable Foliar Residues (DFRs) (the amount of pesticide residue on plant foliage that, on contact, can be transferred to human skin and clothing). This type of information can help evaluate occupational exposure of farmers in their working environment, for example, by establishing the period of elapsed time needed following greenhouse spraying before it is safe to re-enter. Additionally, such data are used to ensure that members of the public entering treated crops do not encounter unacceptable risk.

Previous research has shown that there is a relationship between the proportion of residue that is dislodgeable and a range of factors including the pesticide application rate; chemical characteristics; the product formulation; the environmental conditions including temperature and humidity; and the plant architecture and leaf type. These issues are not fully understood, therefore the purpose of this 4-year work programme is to explore some of these issues with the intention of enabling the refinement of re-entry risk assessments. The work is expected to include analysis of existing large datasets, laboratory and field work and analytical instrumentation.

The successful applicant will spend their first year based at Syngenta’s prestigious international research centre at Jealott's Hill, Berkshire whilst also undertaking studies in research skills, on a day release basis, at the University of Hertfordshire. The subsequent 3 years will be based at the University of Hertfordshire undertaking a PhD with time spent at Jealott's Hill as the research demands.

Eligible applicants interested in this opportunity may obtain an application pack from and once completed returned via this email address by the deadline date. Informal enquiries from potential applicants may also be made directly to Prof. Kathy Lewis at


Qualification type: PhD with industry experience
Location: UK – Bracknell, Berks & Hatfield / Bayfordbury, Herts
Funding for: No restriction but must be fluent in English
Stipend: Starts at £14,777
Start date: Negotiable - Summer 2018
Time period / hours: 4 years full time
Application deadline: 17:00 30 April 2018

Further information: