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The data and information in the three databases are updated regularly (sometimes daily). It is not feasible to provide specific details on what parameters have been updated for each substance and when. However, the table below provides details of the key amendments that have been made, starting with the most recent first.

11/08/2022 PPDB - Start of metabolite data upgrade
15/07/2022 PPDB - Approvals updated
30/06/2022 BPDB - Catogorisations reviewed
30/06/2022 PPDB - Approvals updated
07/06/2022 BPDB - New records added
31/05/2022 PPDB/BPDB - New records added
21/05/2022 PPDB/BPDB - Fat solubility data included
18/05/2022 PPDB/BPDB/VSDB - General data updates; General health data updates; Duplicates removed
18/03/2022 PPDB - Bee data reviewed
18/03/2022 PPDB - Start of data addition on pesticide fat solubility
07/03/2022 PPDB - Rationalisation of pesticide groups; work started
17/02/2022 PPDB/BPDB/VSDB - FRAC update
12/01/2022 PPDB - Update to isomerism data
07/01/2022 PPDB - 18 new pesticides added
19/11/2021 PPDB - 20 novel pesticides added
18/11/2021 PPDB - multiple new substances added; General data update
12/11/2021 PPDB - Data for additional glyphosate salts added
12/11/2021 PPDB/BPDB - Ecotox upgrade for Chronic bees, springtails and ground beetles
29/10/2021 PPDB/BPDB/VSDB - Ecotox upgrade rationalisation & new parameters for beneficial insects
03/10/2021 PPDB - Ecotox update for sediment dwellers
16/08/2021 PPDB/BPDB/VSDB - 15 novel substances added
11/08/2021 PPDB/BPDB/VSDB - 6 new substances added
05/08/2021 PPDB - Addition of various commodity (basic) substances
04/08/2021 PPDB - UK LERAP update
03/08/2021 PPDB/BPDB - UK regulatory approvals update
02/08/2021 PPDB - Regularory approvals update; New biopesticides added
31/07/2021 PPDB - Regulatory approvals update
30/07/2021 PPDB - General update; Regulatory approvals updated
27/05/2021 PPDB/VSDB - General update; New regulatory data for cinmethylin
27/04/2021 PPDB - Start of general update of health information
07/04/2021 PPDB/BPDB/VSDB - General update; Error checks; Link checks; Substance rename
16/02/2021 PPDB/BPDB/VSDB - General update; Duplicate record removed; New structure diagrams added; New plant dissipation data added
19/01/2021 PPDB - More new structure diagrams added; General update
13/01/2021 PPDB/BPDB/VSDB - UK regulatory information restructured
08/01/2021 PPDB -10 new pesticide records added; New structure diagrams added; General BPDB update
07/01/2021 PPDB - Regulatory approvals updated
04/01/2021 PPDB - More new structure diagrams added; Pesticide resistance classification updated
02/01/2021 PPDB - More new structure diagrams added; General update
18/12/2020 PPDB - More new structure diagrams added; General update
15/12/2020 PPDB - New structure diagram display online for new and updated records
15/12/2020 PPDB - 7 new records for novel pesticides added
11/12/2020 PPDB - 8 new pesticide records added.
07/12/2020 PPDB - Records updated according to regulatory dossiers (EU, Australia and Canada)
05/12/2020 PPDB - EU regulatory expiry dates reviewed and updated