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Title Type Description
Terms and conditions PDF Full list of terms and conditions for using the database and data within it.
Copyright PDF Copyright statement on the use of the database
Background and support information PDF Detailed document containing all the support information.
Instructions for use PDF Basic instructions on how to use the database.
Questions and answers PDF Answers to some commonly posed questions
Glossary of terms PDF Provides basic information on the terms used within the PPDB, BPDB and the VSDB.
Using the databases offline PDF Provides information regarding the use of the PPDB, BPDB and the VSDB offline, i.e. in the MS Access or Excel format.
CIPAC code numbers PDF Describes what the CIPAC Code numbers are.
The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier PDF An IUPAC document outlining the InChl descriptor.
EU safety phrases PDF Describes the EU safety phrases
EU risk phrases PDF Describes the EU risk phrases
CLP Hazard phrases PDF Summary of hazard phrases – CLP classification
Global Harmonised System (GHS) codes PDF Summary of GHS codes provided by Aldrich
Global Harmonised System (GHS) labels PDF Summary of GHS labels
PPDB History PDF An overview of the history of the development of the PPDB.