Journal special issue to be edited by AERU.

Agriculture both contributes to climate change and is affected by climate change. In particular, agricultural practices and processes can result in significant amounts of methane and nitrous oxide, two powerful greenhouse gases, being released. According to the OECD, agriculture contributes a significant share of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that are causing climate change: approximately 17% directly through agricultural activities and an additional 7% to 14% through land use changes. Agriculture is also likely to be severely affected by climate change. Flooding and droughts will be more common and productivity is expected to decrease in certain parts of the world. However, there is significant potential for efficiency savings and technical solutions exist but these must be done in a sustainable manner to ensure that the solution does not cause other socio-economic or environmental problems. They must also be tailored to individual regions and farming systems. This Special Issue, which is to be edited by Prof. Kathy Lewis and Dr. Doug Warner, aims to contribute to the state of the art regarding climate friendly options for sustainable agriculture. Of interest are original manuscripts focusing on the impacts of climate change on agricultural production and the broad sustainability of adaptation techniques.

Further details for authors and others with an interest in the subject, can be obtained from the Climate website.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31st July 2018

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