New AERU authored textbook book published by 5m Books.

Modern agriculture faces many social, economical and environmental challenges. This comprehensive publication details the current state of agri-environmental management in Europe from both a policy and practical perspective, and discusses a number of the issues faced, including:

  • Climate change, energy and air pollution.
  • Water use and quality.
  • Biodiversity management.
  • Land use, soils and nutrient management.
  • Pesticides.
  • Livestock and pathogenic organisms.

These and other issues form the framework of the book, and are discussed in order to answer the questions 'why is it an issue', 'what is the current scientific understanding regarding it‘, ‘what can be done about it’ and 'how has policy shaped it'.

The book takes an integrated approach to the problem, by both examining the issues separately and as part of a holistic approach to farm management. It also considers technologies and solutions which are being developed for future use and scans the horizon for the environmental challenges of the future.

Agri-environmental Management in Europe is an authoritative source for both undergraduate and post-graduate studies.

Further details can be obtained from the 5m Books website.

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University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire, 2020.