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In support of the OSCAR Manual, a decision support system has been developed to assist in each stage of the RDP. evaluation process. A Beta version of the software is available from the download link below:

Beta Version (1.1.9) of OSCAR software (17.1 MB)

Once you have downloaded the zip file, unzip the MSI file, run it and then follow the on-screen instructions to install the software.
(Please uninstall/remove any previous versions of OSCAR before installing the new version) For more detailed installation instructions - click here to view the ReadMe file.

Upon starting the software after installation you will need to download one or more OSCAR databases. A database is available for each country in the EU-27. To view a demonstration on how to download the databases click here.


  • The software has a built in (semi-automated) updating process for the software core and database updates. However, in some instances (e.g. where proxy servers are involved) this may not function correctly. To overcome this issue a manual download and install facility is available - click here for details.

  • Please note that the software is a Beta version and therefore it may contain bugs and errors. Additionally the data it contains can also be regarded as a Beta version, therefore the outputs should not be used as the sole basis for any decisions.

  • A video demonstration is included within the software (under the Help menu) as a guide to help you understand how to use the software. To access these files directly, click here.

  • Please report any bugs or errors you experience to aeru@herts.ac.uk. When reporting bugs and errors please provide as much detail as possible about what you were doing when you experienced the problem, e.g. on what screen, which buttons pressed, what data entered, error numbers displayed, etc. We would also welcome more general comments and feedback on the software to help us develop it in the future.

  • Click here for an update history (PDF file).

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