2023-2024: Review of UK food ecolabels

As society seeks to transition to more sustainable food production and consumption systems, there has been an increasing demand for data and evidence on the delivery of environmental outcomes associated with different production systems, schemes, and initiatives. This includes the concept of 'public money for public goods'; payments for ecosystem services, trading schemes for carbon, nutrients and biodiversity benefits; environmental data for corporate and/or supply chain reporting; and data to meet consumer demands for information or to promote products with green claims for marketing and/or ecolabels. The Consortium for Labelling for the Environment, Animal welfare, and Regenerative farming (CLEAR) have commissioned AERU to undertake a semi-systematic review to understand the extent to which current food ecolabels provide a fair and true view of the environmental impact of food production at the product level and the implications of the respective and institutional practices in food ecolabelling to UK’s transition to agroecology and to meeting national food sovereignty and environmental agendas and targets.


Dr. John Tzilivakis


University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire, 2023.