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2009-2010: The climate change mitigation potential of an EU farm: towards a farm-based integrated assessment (Ref. ENV.B.1/ETU/2009/0052)

The purpose of this study was to help prepare concepts and tools to facilitate farmers and growers take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and improve carbon sequestration to mitigate climate change impacts. The work also sought to support policy makers in the development and improvement of climate change mitigation policies. This project developed a 'tentative' model for integrated whole farm assessment, with the objective of encouraging farm practices that will decrease greenhouse gas emissions and increase carbon sequestration, within the context of a sustainable balance between environmental, social and economic objectives as outlined above. The model helps a farmer to identify practical mitigation options for their specific farm; and aids policy makers in identifying practices that could be more widely encouraged across the EU. The model development process was supported by a comprehensive literature and data review and farm case studies / consultation exercises that were undertaken in seven EC Member States. This process helped define the requirements of the model, based on the needs of end users, and provided concrete examples of mitigation actions.


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