2007-2008: Impact of the proposed NVZ Action Programme on greenhouse gas emissions (Ref. WT0757NVZ)

This project assessed the impact of the Revised NVZ Action Programme measures on greenhouse gas emissions. In 2007 Defra consulted on proposals for revision of the NVZ Action Programme measures, and whether to apply those measures within discrete NVZs (increased from 55% to 70% of England) or throughout the whole of the country. It was necessary to complete a Full Impact Assessment that included an estimate of the impact of the proposals on greenhouse gas emissions. This project addressed the following questions: how each of the proposed measures impacted on greenhouse gas emissions; which measures resulted in the greatest decrease in emissions; which measures resulted in the greatest increase in emissions; and the overall impact of the proposed action programme on emissions? The objectives were: to identify which Action Programme measures and associated responses in farmer behaviour could impact on emissions of greenhouse gases; and to quantify the effect of the Action Programme measures on emissions of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Methane (CH4). Impacts were quantified and presented in relation to individual Action Programme measures, the whole Action Programme, with and without the inclusion of cover crops, and the extended NVZs and the whole territory.


  • Warner, D.J. & Lewis, K.A. (2008). The impact on greenhouse gas emissions of the revised Action Programme for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones. Final Report for Project WT0757NVZ. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra).


Dr Doug Warner


University of Hertfordshire
University of Hertfordshire, 2020.