Dr. Jemma Taylor's extended publications list

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  • Taylor, J.L., De Angelis, G. & Nelson, M.N. (2020). How have narrow-leafed lupin genomic resources enhanced our understanding of lupin domestication? In: Singh, K., Kamphuis, L., Nelson, M. (eds) The Lupin Genome. Compendium of Plant Genomes. Springer, Cham. DOI.
  • Hufnagel, B., Marques, A., Soriano, A., Marquès, L., Divol, F., Doumas, P., Sallet, E., Mancinotti, D., Carrere, S., Marande, W., Arribat, S., Keller, J., Huneau, C., Blein, T., Aimé, D., Laguerre, M., Taylor, J., Schubert, V., Nelson, M., Geu-Flores, F., Crespi, M., Gallardo, K., Delaux, PM., Salse, J., Bergès, H., Guyot, R., Gouzy, J. & Péret, B. (2020). High-quality genome sequence of white lupin provides insight into soil exploration and seed quality. Nature Communications, 11(1): 492. DOI.
  • Teferra, B., Yeheyis, L., Nelson, M., Taylor, J., McNaughton, D., Sergeant, A. & Sanders, H. (2019). Farmers decisions and determinants of crop rotations with Lupin: the case of West Amhara Region, Ethiopia. Review of Agricultural and Applied Economics (RAAE), 22(1): 24-31. DOI.
  • Taylor, J.L., Massiah, A., Kennedy, S., Hong, Y. & Jackson, S.D. (2017). FLC expression is down-regulated by cold treatment in Diplotaxis tenuifolia (wild rocket), but flowering time is unaffected. Journal of plant physiology, 214: 7-15. DOI.
  • Sari, C.R., Taylor, J., Hong, Y. & Jackson, S. (2016). Development of a transient viral CRISPR expression system to manipulate flowering time in plants. International Journal of Applied and Physical Sciences, 2(3): 65-70. DOI.
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  • Ni, J., Yu, Z., Du, G., Zhang, Y., Taylor, J.L., Shen, C., Xu, J., Liu, X., Wang, Y. & Wu, Y. (2016). Heterologous expression and functional analysis of rice GLUTAMATE RECEPTOR-LIKE family indicates its role in glutamate triggered calcium flux in rice roots. Rice, 9: 9. DOI.
  • Yu, Z., Taylor, J.L., He, Y. & Ni, J. (2015). Enlightenment on the aequorin-based platform for screening Arabidopsis stress sensory channels related to calcium signaling. Plant Signaling & Behavior, 10(11): e1057366. DOI.
  • Zhang, Y., Wang, Y., Taylor, J.L., Jiang, Z., Zhang, S., Mei, F., Wu, Y., Wu, P. & Ni, J. (2015). Aequorin-based luminescence imaging reveals differential calcium signalling responses to salt and reactive oxygen species in rice roots. Journal of Experimental Botany, 66(9): 2535-2545. DOI.

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