Policy Studies and Regulatory Support

Agricultural and environmental policy, home-grown, European and international, impacts on almost every aspect of a farm businesses operation, and as such is vital to both the economic viability of the industry and its impact on the wider world. With so much at stake, it is vital therefore, that policies have a sound scientific foundation, and have been adequately evaluated so as to minimise the risk of unforeseen negative implications. Once implemented, it is also necessary to review the impacts of policy, both to ensure that its aims and objectives are being met, and to ensure that negative impacts and industry burdens are fully understood. AERU plays a key role in providing legislators with the scientific assessments they need at all stages of a policies life cycle, and has an extensive track record of work in this area for UK government, the EU, as well as the agricultural and horticultural industries. In addition, we also have extensive experience of collating evidence via systematic reviews and meta analysis as well as evaluating dossiers and data for regulatory support.

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